When Simplicity Counts

Solidworks Demonstration


If you want proof of the power of Solidworks and 3D modelling, then download* this exercise from "Engineering Drawing" Third Edition by A. W. Boundy and draw it in a 2D Cad package.




















* - If you click on the drawing you will get a full sized image.


It was estimated that you would take about 2 to 3 hours using Autocad (or any other 2D Cad program).


In Solidworks however, the 3D model took 25 minutes and the drawings 10 minutes more.


Here are a few images created from this exercise:




















An image using Realview graphics on the left and

 a rendered image on the right (this render took less than a minute).


Now for the best part. The following drawing took 2 minutes to create the drawing and place all the views, and 8 minutes to complete with all dimensions.






















With only 10 minutes of work the result just speaks for itself.


All modifications to the part are automatically shown in the drawing, so there is no need to redraw anything. Speed is Solidworks best feature, and with speed comes efficiency. The production of drawings costs much less in Solidworks than in any 2D Cad program.


This entire process took less than an hour and just look at the results.


3D Cad

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