When Simplicity Counts

Laser Cutting, CNC Punching & CNC Machining, Flat Pattern & Profile Production


If you want to take advantage of the precision, speed and cost reductions that Laser Cutting and Folding, CNC Punching, and CNC Machining can provide, contact Ian for advice on the most applicable process, and to produce the files that the manufacturers require.


We regularly use up to 7 Laser Cutters, all having specialist areas, and a number of CNC Punch and machine shops, as well as numerous General Machining and Welding services.


Often with steel plate up to 25mm thick, the cost of laser cutting is little more than the material cost alone.

Even one off pieces can be cost effective.


All types of material can be cut and/or folded, even plastics. Even sections like RHS and pipe up to 250mm or more can be cut to produce parts suitable for your application. The applications are almost boundless.














The image on the left is a simple Draughting and on the right is flat pattern drawing ready for production




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