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Heat Pump Drying Systems


Heat Pump Drying is the "GREEN" alternative when it comes to energy efficiency and low carbon emissions. There are no emissions from the drying system itself, only cold water. The only carbon emissions are from the power station producing the electricity, and with energy usage very low compared to other drying alternatives, making Heat Pump Systems very "GREEN".


Heat Pump Dryers use the same principal that makes Heat Pump Hot Water systems eligible for Government rebates for energy efficiency. All heat required for the drying is supplied by a refrigeration compressor, and is retained within the system. Heat transfer can be up to 6 times the actual power draw of the compressor.


The air is recycled so that exhaust air that may still be quite dry (compared to outside air), is returned for further drying, before it passes through (or over) the product again. The system dries completely independent of ambient conditions. This makes Heat Pump Drying extremely predictable, and highly efficient especially in humid climates, where obtaining low moisture content in your product may not be possible by any other method.


Also, because the system is closed, outside contamination is eliminated.


Heat Pump Drying can also be performed at low temperatures, which makes it especially suitable for fragile or heat sensitive products.


We are highly skilled in Heat Pump Drying Systems. Not only in the theory but also the practicality and the installation of these Driers.


Most Systems currently in use that have been produced by other manufacturers:


 ● Have not been developed by people that understand the full capabilities of Heat Pump systems

 ● Have not been optimised for highest efficiency, taking much longer to dry and using much more power than is


 ● Do not extract all of the moisture possible.












A series of Driers for Mangoes


Services available include:


 ● Complete Drier Design, Construction and Installation

 ● Performance Consultation & Improvement for existing systems. Some systems over 10 times improvement

 ● PLC reprogramming and installations.

 ● Microcontroller Systems


Other types of Dryers can also be designed and constructed depending on your requirements.


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