When Simplicity Counts

Disability Conversions


We have been assisting Disabled Drivers to get mobile again for many years.


Conversions have included but not limited to :-


 ● Left Foot and Folding Throttle Pedals

 ● Hand Controls, Both supply and fit, and transfer from existing vehicles.

 ● Spinner Knobs, Basic and Full Electronic.

 ● Handles and steps


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Left Foot and Folding Throttle Pedals














Dual folding pedals to allow left foot and right foot operation of the vehicle. Folding can be operated by foot.



Hand Controls



















PME Hand Controls and Spinner Knob.


Push Pull and Radial Hand Controls, and swapping from your existing vehicle.

Controls can include on control switches for Indicators, Horn of Hi Beam.



















Electronic Spinner Knob


PME Brand RF360 Electronic Spinner Knob Installation.

Spinner Knob includes controls for indicators, Hi/Low Beam, Washer Wipers & Horn, but can be configured for other operations.


Here is a link to PME Controls


Again if you are interested or just like to inquire then don't hesitate to contact us here.




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