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3D Design and Draughting


We offer a professional and fully confidential mechanical and sheet metal design and draughting service at very competitive rates.


The quickest way to produce 2D drawings is to produce a 3D model, then create as many views as you want in 2D by placing the 3D view in the orientation you want. Once the 3D model is created, full multi-view 2D drawings can be created in seconds.


Solidworks Demonstration









Click on this link or any of the pictures above to see the power of Solidworks.


Solidworks is probably the premier 3D draughting package, and Ian is highly proficient in its use with years of technical experience.


Our engineer has a history of creating machinery and items that are innovative, simple in design, easy to manufacture and very reliable.


You can see some of his designs in the Gallery (link).


Ian Armstrong Engineering Design

Based on the Far North Coast of NSW

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